For over 40 years, Spiccia + Associates has been at the cutting edge in the development of exclusive buildings by design.

With a focus on form, function and aesthetics, their stunning, high quality residential, commercial and industrial designs have been prominent in helping to shape the architectural landscape in Australia, South East Asia and Europe.

Working closely with you, their designs aim to capture and complement your lifestyle, with particular attention to practicality and durability. The result is a contemporary structure that withstands the test of time both functionally and aesthetically.

Browse through some of our award-winning designs and experience the Spiccia + Associates difference.

company insight

Company insight

Spiccia + Associates were established by Leone Spiccia in 1966 with the aim of building custom-designed, high quality, residential and commercial properties. As a passionate advocate that aesthetics, function and form should be intrinsic to any design, the Company has a proven track record of producing designs that are sustainable in their structure, outlook and functionality.

Throughout the years, the Spiccia name has become synonymous with excellence, perfection and forward thinking. In fact, they were developing environmentally conscious structures long before it became fashionable to do so, all with affordability and sustainability factored into the equation.

Prior to the commencement of each project, extensive research is undertaken to ensure you obtain optimum pleasure from your design. It’s this attention to detail, materials, the surrounding environment and desired requirements of the structure that they believe has been instrumental in their ongoing success.

And, while continued industry recognition of our architectural excellence is gratifying, our most rewarding accolade is helping our clients realise their dream design – particularly when we’re able to assist several generations of the same family to achieve their ideal home.

attention to detail

Attention to detail

  • Brickwork on staircase
  • Hall and stairs
  • Balcony
  • Rear of contemporary home
  • Multi-storey modern house
  • Elegant design detail for garage
  • Curving ceiling detail
  • Stylish kitchen design
  • Exclusive home design
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Each project is custom-designed to be site specific to suit your needs and specifications. Every detail is carefully researched and scrutinised to ensure it complements your design aesthetically and practically. To enhance overall durability, we research and source the highest quality materials prior to developing your structure.



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